Thursday, May 7, 2009


:)) Hahahahahahaha...A lot of people enjoyed during the show. I heard their laughed in ISKL Drama Studio. But, the different situation in Robert B. Gaw Theater. All the plays quite heavy and more serious.

First 4 shows held in Drama Studio; Who's On First (directed by Amritaansh Sharan), The Wedding Story (directed by Shreya Mondal), Scapin (directed by Emma Miller) & Commedia Dell'arte (IB Theater self-directed piece).

Clip 1: The Wedding Story Directed By Shreya Mondal

Clip 2: Commedia Dell'arte (IB Theater Self-Directed piece)

Clip 3: Scapin Directed By Emma Miller

After 10 minutes intermission, audience move to ISKL Robert B. Gaw Theater for another 4 shows; Spoon River Anthology (self-directed piece), Sweet Sunday (directed by Molly Smith), Antigone's Red (directed by Sarah Mills) & Pre'mo (directed by Malin Blomgren-Erikson).

Clip 4 : Antigone's Red Directed By Sarah Mills

Clip 5 : Pre'mo Directed By Malin Blomgren-Erikson.

All of the performance are lead by Drama teacher, Timothy Howe and Pepe Erikson (student) as a producer and coordinator for 'One Acts Festival'.

All the perfomers doing well in acting. They are very talented. Everyone focus to their character. This is a golden time to them to show their talent and it was a meaningful moment to them.

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