Thursday, June 10, 2010


"Untuk menjadi seorang yang diiktiraf di peringkat antarabangsa, kita tidak perlu berhijrah ke negara lain dengan menganggap bahawa diri kita sebagai seorang yang professional dan berantarabangsa. Berbanggalah menjadi warga tempatan yang diiktiraf sebagai professional di peringkat antarabangsa. Ianya adalah lebih bermaruah daripada mereka yang mendakwa diri mereka sebagai professional dan berantarabangsa tetapi mempunyai kelakuan dan lagak kerja yang tidak menyumbang kepada apa-apa. Mereka ini sekadar boneka dan ingin mewujudkan propaganda."
- September 23, 2010 -

"Any incidents even not happened in front of me, but I believed that God knows what happened around. God will tell me on the other way. I extremely believed the sense that God gives to me. Keep on praying to get something hide. I'm very sure that you can feel what I felt."
- September 23, 2010 -

"I'm not agreed with the words 'the best man win' because the questions about who is our partner is already determined by God. Even you are trying so hard, but if God says 'NO' it's mean he or she cannot be your partner. So, let's pray and hope we will get the perfect partner."
- June 11, 2010 -

"You thought you did a good thing, but you were making trouble with the situation. You should asked before you make any assumptions or conclusions before you jump to get your mission. Actually, you are waiting to get chances to betray people and make people feel hurt. You're so bad!"
- June 10th, 2010 -

"Ourselves often neglected when we always think about people, but people never ever think about us even a second. Appreciate ourselves before we start to appreciate the others."
- June 9th, 2010 -

"It is not too easy to start finding a new love. After many years, you were being apart of me. We through out all together. How do I to forget you if I can't. Do you? We might be hurt if we choose to separate and start doing our own way."
- May 3oth, 2010 -

"Love is not just about love. But, how we interpret the meaning of love. Love needs commitment, understanding, caring, respect, responsibility and financial. If you can't fulfill, please do not meet love. You just wasting your time and you are in loss."
- May 29th, 2010 -

"God tests us with our patience."
- May 27th, 2010 -

"Eyes to see, ears to hear, tongue to speak, nose to smell. All senses can compressed into one. Heart can feel everything."
- May 27th, 2010 -

"So easy to advise but it so hard to do."
- May 24th, 2010 -

"Life is a story. A story about leaving and the left."
- May 19th, 2010 -

"Malaysian Black Panther starts roaring and Malaysian 'volcano' starts exploded. Think twice before it comes crucial."
- May 13th, 2010 -

"Calm and patience are medicine for spiritual."
- April 27th, 2010 -

"Quit not as a loser but quit as a winner."
- April 20th, 2010 -

"If you fell down, please do not share the moment with person that you were met last night. Don't trust them because they just want to take for granted and trying to play with your situation. If conflict happen, end up they will be saying, '...I don't want to interfere to this problem anymore...', '...I'm quit, it just a help...', '...why you put me into this trouble, thanks a lot'..., '...nothing happen, we just friend...', '...I don't know what to say, I'm supposed not to be in...'. They will trying to give a lot of reasons as to safe their self and start to blame you. So, my advise is please appreciate a person who is really love and loyal to you. If you lost them, you can't get a person like him or her anymore."
-April 19th, 2010 -

"I felt something will be happened, might be happened or just happened around me. Only God knows."
- April 12th, 2010 -

"I've been nice and kind to people, but people being rude to me. It is better not call them as a friend anymore."
- January 30th, 2010 -

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