Monday, April 27, 2009


Before the election of 1999, Permatang Pauh was concurred by Barisan Nasional. BN failed to maintain the majority after the controversy of Anwar cases. Permatang Pauh community loves Anwar. Majority of them cannot accepted what was happen to him.

Now is already 10 years, Permatang Pauh is still under Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). Nobody can fight with Azizah. Anwar still won as a YB.

We had pro and contra regarding any election in Permatang Pauh. After PRU 12 Azizah resigned as a Parliament Members and giving the chance to her husband. PKR got the majority again. For sure, Permatang Pauh is still like 10 years ago. No development especially in Penanti & Permatang Pasir. I'm not focussing to Seberang Jaya because Seberang Jaya is a town area.

For me, the by-election after PRU 12 is a politic games by someone. The by-election become a trend for certain areas. It same goes to Penanti.

Why people still need Anwar?
Why Permatang Pauh community not looking forward for the new development?

Majority of community in Permatang Pauh still have a low mentality. Anwar put his speaches/promises in their minds. If people still carried this kind of mentality, they will lose.

Permatang Pauh should think about the future. Put the emotional a side. This is 2009 and not 1999 anymore.

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